By focusing our entire organization on serving clients by professional role, AXIOM delivers
highly relevant services aligned to your agenda — not ours. This unique role-focused approach is
central to our corporate mission: helping you succeed every day. Our Role Manifesto represents
this distinct commitment.

We put roles first. That means you first. That means the first impression you have of us, whether
we’re communicating to you in person or virtually, is that we know your role — we cultivate a
deep understanding of the role you fulfill within your organization and the specific challenges
and goals that drive you.

We operate with a clear understanding of our clients’ needs. Diving deep into your role enables
us to work as a trusted advisor who understands which priorities are key to helping you solve a
problem or seize an opportunity.

We get personal with our clients. It’s all about trust. We are the most valuable to our clients who
trust us. Once we’ve earned it, that’s when we create and deliver the most relevant sservices you
need to achieve success . . . faster.